Under the age of globalization, mergers and fierce competition, the human element considers the actual root of any modern organization, therefore the selection of unique efficient elements process is a difficult, cumbersome and expensive process and our mission is providing a distinguish service to customers through the precise research in order to achieve exact correspondence between what we strive for submission and their specific goals
We help you to:

  • Polarization and recruitment for companies and Arab organizations.
  • Participation in the preparation of employment programs for companies and organizations.
  • Participation in preparation of workforce plans and budgets.

We offer our services to the following categories :

  • Government departments and institutions.
  • Private companies and institutions.
  • Chambers of Commerce.
  • Institutions and research and studies companies of Arab and foreign.

Orientation Seminar

All the approved candidates are required to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar.
  • Briefing about your establishment
  • Briefing about your country
  • Work ethics
  • Roles and Commitments
  • Stress handling

Methods of recruitment

Employees are selected very carefully as they pass through five basic phases through the hiring process:

1st phase: recognition

This stage begins directly after the contract where we identify the needs of the job containing the following information for each job title and that provided through the customer:

  • Identify Job Titles vacancy.
  • Identify job description which includes tasks and responsibilities for the required job
  • Identify job specifications including qualifications, skills and capabilities required for the job.
  • Salaries, wages, tangible and morale benefits for each job title.


2nd phase: search

   This phase aims to enrich the candidate data-base through:

  • Existing data-base
  • Companies in the same field
    • Announcing in specialized newspapers to reach the right people .we can use the Head Hunting technique if desired.

3rd phase: receiving and filtering resumes  

   This phase aims to filter the resumes and job applications according to the specified criteria in the recognition phase in accordance to following procedures:

  • receiving resumes and job applications in a week from the         date of the contract by the agreed jobs and methods.
        • Initial screening of resumes and job applications.

4th: interviews and tests phase:

    This phase aims to identify the suitable candidate then filtering them to a more specific number and measure to what extent they are suitable.

5th phase:

   This phase is the preparation of final interviews in the presence of the client's representative and negotiates with the candidates.

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