Economic Feasibility studies

MEC for consultations and training help investors to make investment decisions based on accurate market and financial information through designed methodology taking into account the rapid changes in the work environment.

Economic research field

  • Economic studies in all economic fields and sectors.
  • Study the experiences of countries in various economic fields.
  • Insurance of countries experiences in various fields.
  • Studies of statistical analysis for products and fields.
  • Analysis of field studies for products and services.
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Economic feasibility fields :

  • Preparation of feasibility studies of existing projects and new projects.
  • Preparation of studies and field research for products and services.
  • Prepare statistical analysis of the economic aspects.
  • Consulting of the foreign investment for how to inter the Egyptian and Arab market.
  • Evaluation of the existing companies for merge or liquidation.
  • Secure the necessary funding for the new projects by Islamic benefits and participations.
  • Provide financial studies for projects.

Market feasibility studies field: :

  • Customer analysis: tastes, purchasing capacity, directions, etc. .
  • competitors Analysis: supply and demand / balance of power in the market.
  • Risk analysis: strengths and weaknesses, the market field study, the Marketing mix.
  • Preparation of market studies for new products and modern.
  • Preparation of market field studies.
  • Preparation a competitors study, risk analysis and market gap

Our clients


In the Arab countries

Ministry of Finance – Qatar

Arkan company – Kuwait

Ashsharqiya Cement Factory – Saudi Arabia

Saudi food and Drug Authority

Mobily  - Saudi Arabia

Ohod institution for recordings - Saudi Arabia

Al-Enma International Real Estate Investment company - Libya

Libyan Foreign Bank – Libya

Libyana mobile phone – Libya

Wdan public hospital – Libya

Alshahid atyia alkaseh public hospital

Almarai company – Alyemen

Qatar Charity association – Qatar

Aljazeera – Qatar

Ori gum factory - Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Chamber of commerce and industry  - Al Riyadh

IMX for cosmetics  - England

Hemes group for Ceramics – Spain

Ministry of Human Affairs – Sudan

Ministry of urban planning -  Sudan

North Sudan D.D.R commission – Sudan


In Egypt

Gulf Suez of Petroleum (GUPCO)

Golden group- Ranin

Egypt Air

National Bank of Egypt (NBE)

The Holding Company for Biological Products & Vaccines VACSERA

Eastern Company for tobaco

Egyptalum (Nag Hammadi)

Egyptian Syrian company

Egyptian Company for managing and operating the metro

Golden group- Ranin


Media international

Holding company for water and waste water


Egyptian company for natural Gas

El-Rahma-Hospital – Alexandria

Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries (Enppi) Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries (Enppi)

Nabcontract (engineers and contractors)

Egyptian National Railways

Petroleum Marine Services Co.

Paints & Chemical Industries - PACHIN

Alsafwa Hospital - 6 October City

Offshore Shukheir Oil Company (OSOCO)

Chipsy International For Food Industries

Petroleum Air Services (PAS)

Reproductive health

Project – ministry of health

Suze oil company (SUCO)

FNON for distributing and marketing of artistic works

Green land


Farma Misr


Egypt Air