MEC for consultations and training supports organizations and company's efforts seeking to develop the internal organization system to increase efficiency and maximize results. And because we live in a rapidly changing world the companies' ability to develop its system one of the most important corporate success and sustainability elements.
  • Evaluating current strategies.
  • Developing new strategies.
  • Preparing plans and operational programs.
  • Measure and Develop the organizational performance KPIs.
  • Measure and Develop the organizational performance KPIs.
  • Applying Total Quality Management with measuring and analyzing the quality cost.
  • Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR).
  • Analyzing and measuring productivity with putting strategies to improve it.
  • Analyzing and measuring the operational cost with putting strategies to decrease it.
  • Analyzing and developing organizational structures.
  • Preparing organizational manuals.
  • Preparing process manuals.
  • Financial and Accounting Analysis and Evaluation.
  • Preparing financial regulations and procedures.
  • Developing budgeting regulations and procedures.
  • Developing regulations and procedures for financial reports and cost accounting.
  • Developing internal supervision regulations and procedures.
  • Developing Purchasing, Contracting and Warehousing Policies.
  • Preparing human recourses plans
  • Preparing career path plans
  • Preparing career development planning.
  • Analyze, evaluate and classify jobs.
  • Preparing salaries, awards and incentives structures.
  • Analyzing and developing performance appraisal systems and techniques.
  • Preparing HRD systems and procedures.
  • Training needs Assessments. ( TNA)
  • Preparing training Policies and Procedures.
  • Preparing human recourses procedures and models.
  • Simplification of work processes and forms.
  • Paperwork reduction.
  • Electronic secretarial.
  • Electronic Archiving.
  • Provide employees timesheets and report it the Senior management.
  • MIS Analysis.
  • Preparing softwares to organize work inside the company.
  • Provide decision making supportive reports
  • Preparing marketing plans.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Marketing studies.
  • Marketing division.
  • Analyzing markets and Consumers directions.
  • Provide market experts for companies.

Our Clients

In the Arab countries

Ministry of Finance – Qatar

Arkan company – Kuwait

Ashsharqiya Cement Factory – Saudi Arabia

Saudi food and Drug Authority

Mobily  - Saudi Arabia

Ohod institution for recordings - Saudi Arabia

Al-Enma International Real Estate Investment company - Libya

Libyan Foreign Bank – Libya

Libyana mobile phone – Libya

Wdan public hospital – Libya

Alshahid atyia alkaseh public hospital

Almarai company – Alyemen

Qatar Charity association – Qatar

Aljazeera – Qatar

Ori gum factory - Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Chamber of commerce and industry  - Al Riyadh

IMX for cosmetics  - England

Hemes group for Ceramics – Spain

Ministry of Human Affairs – Sudan

Ministry of urban planning -  Sudan

North Sudan D.D.R commission – Sudan



In Egypt

Gulf Suez of Petroleum (GUPCO)

Golden group- Ranin

Egypt Air

National Bank of Egypt (NBE)

The Holding Company for Biological Products & Vaccines VACSERA

Eastern Company for tobaco

Egyptalum (Nag Hammadi)

Egyptian Syrian company

Egyptian Company for managing and operating the metro

Golden group- Ranin


Media international

Holding company for water and waste water


Egyptian company for natural Gas

El-Rahma-Hospital – Alexandria

Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries (Enppi) Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries (Enppi)

Nabcontract (engineers and contractors)

Egyptian National Railways

Petroleum Marine Services Co.

Paints & Chemical Industries - PACHIN

Alsafwa Hospital - 6 October City

Offshore Shukheir Oil Company (OSOCO)

Chipsy International For Food Industries

Petroleum Air Services (PAS)

Reproductive health

Project – ministry of health

Suze oil company (SUCO)

FNON for distributing and marketing of artistic works

Green land


Farma Misr


Egypt Air