MEC for Consultations and Training

A leading company in the provision of consulting, training and technical support services in the Arab world, Offers a lot of training and consulting activities in all aspects, As well as premium services in recruiting. That targeted to the human resource and institutional development.

Our vision

We offer our clients integrated management solutions that add value to their activities and give them a competitive advantage

Our mission

Eager to provide integrated and innovative solutions to our customers by taking advantage of the latest technologies, best practices and recognized standards in the administration of our knowledge and our considerable experience in training and consulting, we add value to the activities of our clients and building long-term relationships that may be mutually beneficial
Management Consulting

MEC for consultations and training supports organizations and company's efforts seeking to develop the internal organization system to increase efficiency and maximize results. And because we live in a rapidly changing world the companies' ability to develop its system one of the most important corporate success and sustainability elements.

Feasibility studies and research

MEC for consultations and training help investors to make investment decisions based on accurate market and financial information through designed methodology taking into account the rapid changes in the work environment.


MEC for consultation and training guarantee total quality for its valued customers in presenting training services. As it depends on three main axis


Recruitment Under the age of globalization, mergers and fierce competition, the human element considers the actual root of any modern organization, therefore the selection of unique efficient elements process is a difficult, cumbersome and expensive process

Our competitive advantages

  • Intensive care to our customers
  • Employer care
  • Teamwork
  • Ensuring quality at premium prices
  • maintain the confidentiality of customer data
  • Flexibility in time and delivery
  • Moral and professional with customers before, during and after the services.
  • Spreading the principles of fairness, honesty and truthfulness.

Our strategic partnership

  1. Middle East Consulting
  2. Central Agency for Organization and Administration
  3. Oxford - London
  4. Cambridge
  5. Oldenburg – England
  6. International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO
  7. International education and training foundation ITOL- England
  8. British Academy of Human Resources HRD
  9. Management Consultants Institute - USA IMC